Fountain Pens Vs Ball Pens

We the humans have a usual nature to compare one’s quality or ability with some others. We always use to set a competition between two persons or two things. Look this time we don’t spare the pens. Since the remote past, different types of pens have been used by people. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages.
Two kinds of the pen are very popular for ages- fountain pen and ball pen. Each of them has some unique things which make them different from each other. The choice is yours. If you go for regular use, then a ball pen would be the obvious choice. But if you wish to show your style statement, want to express your thoughts to your dear one, then a fountain pen would be a great choice for you.
Now it’s time to find out how both of them work, and the differences between the two in various points.


Before we go to find out some serious differences between a fountain pen and a ball pen let’s introduce them first.

Fountain Pen

A fountain pen is a simple, customized, and eco-friendly writing device that has been extensively used for more than a century. It has a barrel or converter that stores liquid ink and from there the ink flows through the feed and the metal nib following a capillary action. This kind of pen has different types of inner set up like barrel, cartridge, converter, etc. Besides, there are different sizes of nib provide you different writing style. This kind of pen can be refilled from an ink bottle easily.

Ball Pen

A ball pen is a disposable writing tool with a disposable internal cartridge filled with semi-condensed, oil-based ink which has a longer life than liquid ink. At the tip of the cartridge, there is a metal ball that always in touch with the ink of the cartridge, and once it starts rolling on the paper the ink also starts coming out.

Fountain Pens Vs. Ball Pens

If you want to find the differences between the two types of pen, then a few aspects may help you to find them out. Here we go-

Type of Ink

This is probably the main difference between these two. Where a ball pen runs with a thicker kind of ink that lasts long and this condensed oil-based ink helps you to write on more surfaces and while writing on you don’t need to keep it at a certain angle. On the other hand, a fountain pen always uses a liquid-based ink which flows more smoothly on the paper surface. But while writing on you have to hold it at a certain angle to let the ink flow easily.

Smooth Writing

If smoothness is your priority then the fountain pen would be your first choice. The liquid ink gives the fountain pen an advantage ahead of the ball pen as it’s oiled in doesn’t provide that smoothness. Besides, while writing with a ball pen you have to put more pressure than what you need with a fountain pen.


While writing a fountain pen usually releases more ink than a ball pen. As a result, you’ll get writing with deeper color. For this reason, Fountain pen is more preferred by some of you.

Required Time for Ink

That is a point where a ball pen is always far ahead of a fountain pen. A fountain with a full barrel or cartridge can write a maximum of 10 pages and it varies on the size and the quality of the paper. But using a ball pen you can almost half of your exercise book. Research reveals, using a ball pen with a full cartridge, you can draw a line up to 3 km long. Isn’t it sound amazing?


Leakage is always a big concern for a fountain pen. If the grip section is not properly twisted, or if there is a fixing problem in the nib section, then it is obvious that your fountain pen obtains a leakage problem. Commonly, with the ball pen, you don’t have to face such an issue unless the cartridge has any manufacturing issue.

Cost of Product

Since a ball pen is always taken as a use and throw item so it can be bought at a very low cost unless you go for some high-end brands. On the other hand, a fountain pen in recent times is considered a luxurious item; you have to spend a good amount of money to own one. 

Environment Friendly

At a time when we are now always looking for bio-degradable items, a fountain pen proves its worth. Because, you have to change the empty cartridge of a ball pen, which is made of non- bio-degradable substance. That produces much harmful wastes to the environment. But if the cartridge of a fountain pen can be filled once its ink is finished.

Final Verdict

If you go through this article, you must have got an impression that both of the types of pens have something good to say about themselves. And it cannot do justice with their worth through all these. It depends upon your requirements, that is the thing that made both of them remains among us for years and obviously, the show must go on.