How to Clean A Fountain Pen

What is a fountain pen? Simple, it is nothing but a tool that works using ink on paper to express your thoughts. How long it works? As long as the ink remains inside the barrel or its nib and the feed is free from any dirt or clotted ink. What is the way to keep it for a longer run? The maintenance and cleaning are the only two things for that.

Indeed, like any other tools fountain pen also requires much-needed care and maintenance, and certainly, the cleaning must be on your priority list. If you want to keep your fountain pen in a working state for a longer time, you have to clean your pen quite regularly and of course, properly. 

Why Should You Need to Clean A Fountain Pen?

There are two parts of a fountain pen- a barrel, where the ink is stored, and the nib section from where ink flows down through the nib making lines on the paper surface. In some kind of fountain pens, you may find a converter as well. But a regular use for quite sometimes, you may face a problem of poor writing due to dust and fibers of the paper sheet that may form a clot on the nib and the feed as well leaving you in a problem of uneven ink flow. Even if you do not use your fountain pen for a quite long period, the dried ink also may disrupt the smooth writing. Therefore it is important to know how to clean a fountain pen with dried inkMoreover, if you have to use a different color of ink then unless you remove the previous ink properly, you might have a chance of mixing colors, which is certainly undesirable to you. Besides, apart from poor writing quality, poor maintenance also may cause damaging the nib and it forces you to replace the nib quite frequently. In all these cases, you have to clean your fountain pen thoroughly to retain its normal function.

What Equipments Need to Clean Your Fountain Pen?

You no need to be too serious about the types of equipment that come in use to clean your fountain pen. These are the simplest things that can always be found at your place. Such as some freshwater, a small plastic container, pen flush (diluted ammonia), bulb syringe, and tissue papers, etc. 


Water works better to remove the hard objects or clots from the barrel, nib, and from the feed as well. Generally, fresh tap water is quite efficient for the job, but some of you may prefer distilled water to maintain the quality of the components.

Pen Flush

In some cases, water is not enough to remove all the clotted objects properly. Then you have no way left and have to use pen flush or a few drops of liquid ammonia as a solution which is included with little water (10:1) and detergent. You have to send it into the barrel and nib and after a few moments, you have to rinse and clean with plain water repeatedly. You should be careful that no remains of ammonia are left in the nib or barrel which may cause damage to the pen.

Bulb Syringe

To clean the nib section of your fountain pen bulb syringe comes quite handy as it supplies water forces into the nib and allows the dried ink or any other hard object to come out of it quite easily.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

If you want to speed up the cleaning process, then you can take a device called ultrasonic cleaner which creates vibration and helps to lose out the stored ink from the nib and the feed as well, and also it can get past the water through the different parts of the fountain pen.

Basic Cleaning of A Fountain Pen

Basic cleaning is required for the fountain pen which is still in better working condition and usually, you do not change the ink. To do this no matter if there is a barrel or a converter, at first you have to detach or remove the nib section of your pen from the barrel. Next, the nib section is placed under the tap for a few seconds so that the water can wash the stored ink off from the nib or feed. After that, drop the nib section into the clean water taken in a small plastic container.

Following this process means you know how to clean a fountain pen nib. You’ll probably see the ink to come out and mix with the water. You have to change the water a few times and finally, you’ll find it cleaned. Now, you have to pick out the nib section and wrap it in a dry tissue paper only to soak the water from the nib and make it dry that you need. Finally, if there is a converter you have to rinse it properly and then install it again and at last, the nib section is to be screwed with the barrel.

Flushing of A Fountain Pen

If you face a problem while writing, and also you have to change the color of the ink quite regularly, then apart from the basic cleaning you have to do something more. It means you need to know, how to flush a fountain pen. Here, after following the basic process initially, you should take more fresh water in the plastic container and dip the open end of the barrel or converter into it. After several times filling and emptying the barrel finally you can make the barrel clean. Then fix loosely the nib section with the barrel and put the nib into the water again only to allow the stored ink of the nib to come out using the converter. To flush out remaining ink from the nib the bulb syringe also may come in use to make the job easy and perfect. It will take an hour to come out the remaining ink and in this way, the fountain pen is cleaned. Finally, let the whole pen dry before using it.



Those who are passionate about the fountain pen must take the cleaning of it quite seriously. Because they know that only regular cleaning can make their fountain pen last long. Hope, you must be one of them, unless this article certainly would not get your precious time to follow.