How to Improve Your Handwriting

Do you ever have an opportunity to see the manuscript of any famous writers or poets? If so then seeing their lines, the one sound that spontaneously comes out from your mouth WOW! No, this is not for the content, but the art of handwriting that certainly draws your first attention towards it and leaves you just spellbound. Indeed, a pen and paper provoked them always to write down something great and memorable.

In this period when people are more obsessed with digital, it is hard to find any taker who is keen on art ahead of utility. Because in this fast-moving world people have a least of time to go with analog designs using pens or pencils than digital works. But still, there are some essential areas where you have to write by hand. For instance, grocery lists, office notes, medical requirements, etc. Besides, it is the handwriting that reflects your identity and personality as well. Therefore, your handwriting should be clear to make it others understandable and of course it should be appreciated by them too.

Improving your handwriting is not a job that cannot be followed by all; instead, you have to follow some simple ways. Let’s open the discussion on that issue to provide you the tips to improve your handwriting.

A Perfect Instrument- A Nice Pen

There are many types of pens available on the market. Such as- fountain pen, ballpoint pen, gel pen, etc. It is you to select the one. But the best one certainly is the one that provides smooth writing without putting much pressure on it.

Easy Grip

Gripping the pen is another vital thing that certainly helps you to improve your handwriting. Every people don’t follow the same grip. It means there is no particular type of grip that should be followed. The right and easy-grip is one that helps you smooth writing for a longer period without tiring your hands.

Correct Surface

To write in better handwriting the writing surface should be in a better position. There are very few people who can write properly at any position. Writing on a desk provides you better position rather than on your knee, or holding the paper in your hand while moving.

Go to The Basics

Think of your learning period in kindergarten times when you were told to write alphabets in bold letters. To improve your handwriting you may follow this process as it helps you to reshape your handwriting. Maintain the dates of your daily writing so that you can watch the progress of your learning. At the beginning always use the lined paper sheet so that you can set the words evenly and of course, nicely.

The Next Level- Practicing

Next, after writing the bold letters for a few days, now it is time to start writing the small letters. This also takes a few days and then you can start writing words maintaining a space between the two. Finally, you can start writing the paragraphs taken from any articles. In these times don’t try to write perfectly but try to write at your normal pace and in a normal style. This helps you to know where you are exactly now.

Next, you just try to find out the mistakes you have done with your writing and try to correct them. Once the writing is in the improving stage, you have to make the thing a little harder by writing a text following any voice-over. This makes you skillful not only with your handwriting but the spellings as well.

Rotation of Paper

The paper on which you’re writing should be placed on the desk at a certain angle for your convenience while writing. Generally, the paper should be kept in a vertical position in front of us. If you don’t feel comfortable then you may go for different angles until you can find the right position for writing conveniently.

The Inspiration

When you’ve got the confidence in writing a whole text quite easily and that also in scheduled time, now you have to set your style. To make this possible, you have to follow some styles of writing of others. Among them, you’ve to select one that mustn’t be too hard to follow and finally keep practicing day in and day out. Only sincere practice can make you perfect.

Final Words

After following this process for a few weeks, I hope you have a definite chance to come out with good handwriting which gradually will be going to be the best of your ability. Go ahead!!