How to Make an Ink Splat

If you’re given a blank sheet and a fountain pen and asked to do something artistry, I am sure your fine sense of art will not be limited to writings only. It will provoke you to do something different and you’ll be surprised to see the creation made by yourself. There are many kinds of awesome things that can be created on paper or a canvas just using a fountain pen even a paintbrush. Surely one of them is ink splat that sometimes creates magic on the blank sheet, or on the written page to take your creation to another level.

What is Ink Splat?

Ink splat is nothing but a splash of ink that is unevenly spread everywhere on paper, either it is blank or written using your fountain pen or a paintbrush. All you need to shoot the ink on the paper to get a kind of abstract art that can be taken as a perfect background of your writings or drawings that you’ve made on it.

Though it looks like a simple thing that anybody can do very easily, still, needs some sense of art that makes this simple thing visually wonderful. So now it’s time to explore the way of making ink spat. 

How to Make an Ink Splat?

Before we discuss the process of making ink splat, let’s take a look at the requiring things for this purpose.


The two main things you’ll need to make splat are ink and paper. You should take the high-quality paper to let the sheen of ink be shown brightly. Then, you need a tool that works to draw out the ink from the bottle. You may anything among fountain pen, eyedropper, syringe, and pipette. Now some you also have to add some containers that can be used to prevent the ink from flying all over the working place. You can take a plastic bin, paper towels, etc.

General Idea

The basic rule of drawing ink splat is very simple: Take a paper, fill the dropper with a small amount of ink, cover the paper from all sides, and then splash the ink on the paper. During the job, you have to keep in mind that the distance between the nozzle and the paper is a vital factor for the patterns, shapes, and sizes of the splats. Apart from that, you have to keep fewer oxygen bubbles on the splat to make it perfect.

Different Techniques

Although it seems that ink splat is nothing but the splash of ink done on a paper, but a few different techniques that may create a different effect on the paper. Check it out.


This is the most common and simple way to make ink splat on paper. All you need to hold the dropper above the paper and start releasing a single droplet one after another all over the paper. The distance from the paper and the amount of ink that comes out with every drop varies in the sizes of the round splats with many ’legs’.


If a droplet is expelled with force on the paper, it will be called a squirt. You have to push the dropper using force to get this type of splat. It is rather specific than a simple droplet and very little air is mixed so that not too much ink is required for it. But the problem is if it is applied all over the paper, it’ll be a mess and even may ruin the paper.


This is a kind of advanced technique where you need a mixture of ink and air. All you need to fill the dropper and spray the ink directly all over the paper. You need to apply sufficient force to get a good pattern on the paper.


This is a type of technique where a fountain pen or a toothpick can give a better result ahead of a dropper. Here you have to put the end of a toothpick or a fountain pen full of ink and then flick them all over the paper. If you want a wild scattered design on your paper, then this technique must come in handy for that purpose.

Final Words

For those who have the experience to see this kind of art and wish to do it all by him or her, then this article must be an encouraging one for them. But finally, all I can say if you want to give a special touch on the paper with the splat then try to use different colors to get your desired result. Try it.