How to Make Fountain Pen Waterproof

This is for those who are passionate about fountain pens. It gives them immense pleasure to write on a blank sheet anything anytime. But there are some issues that you may face with a fountain pen. Firstly, if the sheet may get slightly wet, the ink may come off making the whole writing a mess. Besides, if the ink is thin enough, there are chances of spilling out of ink leaving a mark on your dress and if it is thicker then you may find smudges that never allow you to write smoothly. Here comes the worth of waterproof fountain pen ink.

Primary Idea

Generally, fountain pen inks are water-based ink, a blend of suspensions, solvents, pigments, colors, and water. Usually, they don’t have the waterproof quality. Therefore, you have to go all the way to make it waterproof for your convenience. It means, you have to add some necessary components into your ink or you have to prepare homemade waterproof ink all by yourself.

What is Waterproof Ink?

Waterproof ink indicates the kind of ink that is not affected by water. If the sheet on which the ink is used is slightly wet, you don’t have to face problems of fading, discoloring, or blurring. Besides, it keeps your nib clog-free so that you can write smoothly on the sheet no matter if it is wet or dry.

How to Make Waterproof Ink?

There are some simple ways to make your fountain pen ink waterproof.

  1. If you can take a little amount of shellac and mix it with ink, it may provide the necessary waterproof benefit by making the ink thicker than before. But there is a problem. The ink becomes sticky by using shellac that may force you to clean your pen quite frequently which is not good for the health of your pen.
  2. You can add a little more amount of pigments with the suspension that is required to prepare the waterproof ink. This can increase the concentration of the liquid and reduce the solubility only to make it waterproof. But you may find the sediment at the bottom of the barrel or cartridge of your fountain pen that can clog the nib.
  3. Alcohol is commonly used as an ingredient for preparing some kind of ink. If you can increase the viscosity of such alcohol while using, it can ensure you to convert the ink into waterproof.
  4. Not can be prepared at home but there are few kinds of waterproof ink available in the market which are prepared with different types of materials. Such as-
  5. Using the right proportions of iron salt and tannic acid can make the ink waterproof. For example- Mount Blanc, Rohrer & Klingner Fountain Pen Ink.
  6. If you take some light blue ink and mix it with Noodler’s bulletproof black ink, it may give you the waterproof benefit. Even the blue is washed away if the paper is wet, still you can find black remains on the paper. But it may be faded out if the paper is regularly kept under the bright light.
  7. There are some qualities of ink where micro-fine carbon particles are mixed with the ink to make it waterproof. But if the particles are a little big, it can clog the nib and the feed quite regularly. Platinum Carbon Ink, Sailor Pigmented Ink are the two examples of this kind of ink.
  8. There is Noodlers Ink with different qualities and colors kind of waterproof inks that are extensively used by most of you. Not only giving a good performance on a wet surface, this ink also resists other chemicals like bleach and UV light. It may not create any clog and can be rinsed out easily. But this kind of ink may smudge if you don’t use it quite regularly.
  9. Not only for writing fountain pens are used for drawing too. In that case, the waterproof characteristic is essential for this purpose. If your ink is made with cellulose-based dyes then you can add some kind of acrylic-based solvent to make it waterproof on the canvas. If you need to make it matt-finished then you can add some amount of French chalk to get the desired result.

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The Final Verdict

Though fountain pen ink is a water-based liquid, it is hard to make it waterproof completely. But if you follow the above-said processes, hope you may get the result that you wish to get the most of it.