How to Refill A Fountain Pen

Although, the fountain pen is not a revolution anymore nowadays. It already has been passed almost a century, and now we are in the era of different types of ball pens. But owning a fountain pen today means a lot. It shows your personality, style statement, and your selection quality as well. 

But having a fountain pen is not everything. If you’re possessive about it, then you’ve to know a lot of things so that you can maintain it properly for a longer period. Among them the thing that may come first in your mind how to fill your fountain pen with ink. In this article, I will try to discuss extensively how to fill a fountain pen.

As you know there are different types of fountain pen available in the market and each one have its mechanism to refill it. Let’s find out some of the techniques for your convenience.

Cartridge Fountain Pen

The cartridge is nothing but a tube-like reservoir that is preloaded with ink, and you have to replace the old one with a new to fill your fountain pen with ink. Now you have to know how to refill a fountain pen ink cartridge. This must be the easiest and quickest way than others.

Step 1

At first, you need to select the right cartridge that fits with your fountain pen. Though most of the pen has a common type of cartridge, but some of the fountain pen brands have their own designed cartridge.

How to Refill A Fountain Pen
Types of cartridges

Step 2

Next, hold the grip portion and then unscrew it to take apart the barrel from the nib portion. Now you have to remove the cartridge if you find it inside by pulling it out. You need to unscrew the cartridge if it is threaded.

How to Refill A Fountain Pen

Step 3

After that, the cartridge should be pressed down to the grip section only to insert to the backside of the nib section. In this way, the cartridge is pierced and the ink flows down the nib. 

How to Refill A Fountain Pen

Step 4

Now you have to let the pen downward so that the nib section is filled with sufficient ink and it flows down smoothly once you start writing on a paper.

Converter Style Fountain Pen

A converter is a rubber-made tube installed with the barrel section of your fountain pen that works as a vacuum only to allow the ink to transfer from the bottle to the pen. There are two types of converter commonly seen and each of them has its way of filling. Let’s see-

Piston Type

To fill the piston converter with ink, you have to push it to attach to the backside of the grip section. In some cases, you may see the converter is threaded, and then you have to screw it with the nib section. After that, you need to push the piston down to expel the air from the barrel. Now dip the point of the nib into the ink bottle and turn the piston in the opposite direction. This made the converter filled with the ink.

How to Refill A Fountain Pen

Squeeze Type

A squeeze converter is nothing but a rubber-made bladder and you have to compress it and hold for some time. Now dip the nib point to the breather hole into the ink bottle and release the bladder slowly so that the converter could be filled with the ink. Repeat the process until the converter is filled.

How to Refill A Fountain Pen

Eye Dropper Fountain Pen

This is a type of fountain pen whose barrel can be filled with ink using an eyedropper only. This type is perhaps the oldest one but now most of the cartridge pen has been transferred into this type to exceed its ink capacity. To begin the process you have to unscrew the barrel and apply some silicone grease on the thread of the grip to make it waterproof. Now take an eyedropper and fill the barrel up to the grip and then fix the pen again.

Fountain Pen with Built-in- System

Some fountain pens have a built-in-system for filling that can help you by filling ink straight from the bottle while your writing is already on. There are two types of it. 

Piston System

In this case, you have to dip the nib into the ink bottle and then twist the knob of the pen to extend the piston. After that, turn the knob in the opposite direction to draw the ink into the barrel.

Vacuum System

Here you have to open the knob that is situated at the end of the pen and also have to draw out the plunger. Then push the plunger back so that low air pressure is formed inside the ink barrel. Once it comes to the nick point the difference of air pressure forces the ink to fill the barrel.

The Final Thoughts

Refilling ink into your fountain pen is a skillful job. But once you learn the method and follow it, then it would be an enjoyable experience and this also makes your pen safe as you always be extra careful while doing the job and for a certain, this article must be a guide while refilling your pen.