How to Remove Fountain Pen Ink Stains from Clothes

Once, not too far there was a time when the fountain pen- a fluid ink-based pen was almost the only writing tool that existed. But now the time has changed and the ballpoint pen has taken its place and the current era is digital and people prefer to press the key button rather than using a pen. But still, there are some of you remain who love to use a fountain pen to show their class and taste. Long live!!
But along with the artistry on the paper, do you have ever faced a challenge to remove the ink stains from your clothes? I think yes.
And in most cases, you have failed to win the game. Yes, the ink of a fountain pen tends to draw out of the nib and makes stains on the pocket of your shirts, on the leg of the jeans, even on the bag where you use to keep it. No, you can’t blame it for this mishap and you usually forget to close the cap tightly and allow the ink to come out the nib. If it is unavoidable then you have some clear ideas on how to remove the ink stains from your clothes. Here they are-

Determine The Type of Ink

Before you start your mission, you have to determine the type of ink that caused the stains. If it is a water-based ink then you have to put less effort to remove it. But if it is an oil-based chemical then you have to face a tough challenge.

Remove The Water-Based Ink Stains

To remove the water-based ink you have to follow a simple method and to make the job easier, you have to start before the stains are dried up. Let’s follow the method-

Use A Blotting Paper or A Clean Cloth 

Lay the stained clothes on another dry clean cloth and then apply some water on the stains and try to soak them using a blotting paper. You can also take a clean dry cloth in place of blotting paper. This would make the stains to sift onto the blotting paper or the clean cloth.

Apply Detergent on The Stains

Though there are many types of detergent available in the market, to remove the stains from your clothes using liquid laundry detergent is perhaps the best idea. You have applied it on the spot and leave it for 3-5 minutes.

Washing in Hot Water

Now dip the clothes into a bucket of hot water and wash them thoroughly until the entire stains are removed properly. If any stain remains, repeat the process once again.

Remove The Tough Ink Stains

If there are still some tough types of ink stains don’t want to go from your cloth, then here some very efficient ways remain to ensure you a better result.

Nail Polish Remover

An acetone-based nail polish remover contains a kind of chemical that works better to remove a tough kind of stain from your cloth. All you need to apply the chemical on the spot only without being rubbed. But at first, make sure if it doesn’t harm your cloth.


If you manage to get a hairspray with high alcohol content, it certainly dissolves the stain from your cloth which can be shifted to another cloth that is kept underneath. Then you have to wipe the residue away from your cloth.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is popularly used as a household cleaner for quite some time. But very few have an idea that it can be used as a stain remover. All you need to create a paste of baking soda and water, and then rub on the stain gently for a few minutes. Then was the cloth to get a stain-free one.

Before coming to an end one thing I want to tell you if you don’t want to go through all these, please check your fountain pen if it is properly closed and make sure if the whole pen is in a good condition.

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