How to Smooth Fountain Pen Nib

A fountain pen has lost its popularity in this digital time. People use to keep a ballpoint pen ahead of them. But still, a lot remains who are genuine fountain pen lovers. They love to use this as it glides across the paper and makes you feel its touch on the surface. But this sort of good thing heavily depends on the smoothness of your pen. But what if your pen occurs a scratchy nib that creates uneven strokes on the sheet, making you annoyed especially when you have some important matters to be penned down. Now, what you would do? Either replace it with a new one or try to make it in working order again. If the second one is right for you, then you must go through with this article. Because you should have some idea about how to use a fountain pen for the first time.

The Reasons For Scratchy Nib

Before you go to get your fountain pen nib smooth again, it’s time now to find out the reasons behind the scratchy nib that surely troubles you a lot.

  • If your nib previously wrote smoothly but suddenly turned scratchy, then misaligned tines are the most common cause of that issue. It puts one tip ahead of the other only to expose a sharp sign of tipping the inner margins on the surface. Inconsistence flow of ink is another trouble that can also be seen for this.
  • Another problem with the nib is its design. It is commonly seen that regular round nibs write smoothly on the paper while the sharp head nibs may have the problem of scratchiness. Besides, after years of use almost every nib becomes scratchy at one point of time.
  • Even if you find your nib is misconfigured then it is obvious that the writing becomes scratchy. You can identify the issue if you take a close look at the nib only to find it is not at the center of the feed that may cause irregular ink supply to create a scratchy nib.

How to Smooth The Fountain Pen Nib

After taking a close look at the reasons behind the scratchiness, now it is time to go to find out the ways to make the nib smooth again.

Cleaning The Nib

Before taking a major step to make your scratchy nib smooth the basic thing is cleaning should be followed at the beginning. Because, in some cases, it is seen that your nib is clogged with some hard substance like a grain of sand that the cause of scratchy nib. If that so, then only a simple can finish the matter quite easily. All you need to rinse the nib under the tap and if you find any hard substance then vinegar is sufficient to handle the case.

Resetting The Alignment

To reset the misaligned nib, place it on a harder surface and press the top side of the nib downward with your fingertip. Then press the nib from both sides. This will make the nib properly aligned again.

Smoothening The Nib Applying Micromesh

If you want to remove roughness from the nib to make it smooth, you have to collect some Micromesh, very fine-grid sandpaper that you can buy from a fountain pen store. All you need to take a piece of micromesh and place it on a newspaper. Now fill your pen with ink and start writing figure-eight on the micromesh at your normal writing style. Continue writing a dozen times. Finally, you may find that the scratchiness of your nib has gone and your pen is now writing smoothly that you’ve wished to see.

How to Smooth Fountain Pen Nib

Polishing The Nib with Coarse Paper

Scratchiness can be removed if you decide to polish your nib using a coarse paper. To do this you have to rub the nib point on the rough surface of the coarse paper gently for a few times. This can polish the nib so that it will run smoothly on the paper with a normal ink flow. Use 1.0, 0.3-micron paper respectively.

How to Smooth Fountain Pen Nib

Final Words

The ways to make the fountain pen nib smooth that I have discussed so far are simple enough to perform. But you should have very careful while following the methods. One single mistake can damage the nib permanently. If so, then you’re suggested to visit the expert to save your nib, unless you have no way left but to replace the existing nib with a new one. Your fountain pen is nothing short of an asset for you and you can go all the way to save it from being damaged.