How to Store Fountain Pen

Since we are living in a digital world where PCs, Keyboards has taken the place of pens and papers, and everything is stored in memory cards in place of files and diaries. But still, some people love to express their thoughts and feelings and the most vital things on white papers using a fountain pen. Therefore, fountain pens which are costlier than ball pens have a special place in some people’s life. If that so, then definitely they have to keep in mind about the storing of their fountain pens so that they can keep them running for a longer period.

Maintaining a fountain pen is not the easiest thing that can be done without any effort and sense. Especially, if you are not using your pen quite regularly, then it needs a sensible effort to keep it in a good condition. Now it’s time to find out the ways to store your fountain pen whether it is for home, office, or during travel.

The Basics of Storage

Before you’re going to store your fountain pen you need to follow some basics. Such as-

Maintain The components

To prevent ink from drying you should clean the nib first. Apart from that, you have to empty the barrel of the cartridge of your fountain pen to keep it in better condition. But if you have to use the pen within 2 days, then you don’t have to empty it. 

Set The Position of Nib

The nib and feed are often get dried for clog if they are kept in the wrong position. If you want to prevent that you should not keep your pen with the nib facing downward. Because in this position, the gravity comes into the act that will draw the ink towards the feed and nib causing clog and leakage as well. 

Keep The Pen Horizontal

Instead, you have to keep the pen into a horizontal position that can keep the nib wet but also prevent the ink to make a clog at the nib or feed. It reduces the risk of leakage. You can store your fountain pen for up to 1 year if it is kept horizontally without ink in its barrel.

Keep The Pen Vertical

If you keep your nib in a vertical position, it may keep the ink away from the nib and feed only to prevent leakage and also keep them safe from being damaged and clogged as well. Even you can store your pen in this position for up to 1 year if the ink is taken off from the barrel. But on the other hand, it affects the writing once you start immediately after storage.

Consider The Environment

Apart from the position, environment and location also play a big role. For this purpose. As we all know that the condition of a fountain pen is highly influenced by sunlight, heat, and humidity, it should be stored in a cool and dry place. It prevents leakage due to the expansion of air inside the barrel or cartridge.

Maintain The Pen While Flying

There is a difference in storage method if you’re on a flight with your fountain pen. It is a kind of challenge to your fountain pen in a proper state while you’re flying as the frequent changes of air pressure inside the flight expand the air inside the barrel or the cartridge and allows it to come out of the barrel causing a leak, especially during takeoff. Therefore, always keep less ink in the barrel while you’re flying. Besides, wait until the flight reaches 6000 ft level before using your pen.

Use The Cases for Storing

Fountain pen cases are one of the most vital things for the proper storage of your fountain pen. It always helps your pen to keep safe from scratches. There are four kinds of cases commonly used to keep the fountain pen. Among them, fountain pen storage boxes and fountain pen display cases are used for office storage while fountain pen travel cases and leather fountain pen cases are used to keep your pen properly when either you’re traveling or flying. 

Select The Location

If you want to keep your pen in a better state for a longer period, you have to choose a designated place, be it in your office or home doesn’t matter. In this way, the regulation of temperature and atmosphere helps you to maintain a better condition for your pen. 

Wrap Up

Human protective nature always shows concern for its loving things, no matter if it is living or non-living. Its well-being is always a priority for you. Owning a fountain pen makes you feel the same way. Therefore, this article certainly helps you to a better idea to store your pen in a proper for longer use.