How to Use Fountain Pen Blotting Paper

This is for those who are still passionate about fountain pens and inks in this ballpoint and of course digital time. If you’re one of them, then it proves that you have an artistic mind with a sense of design. Because, in this fast-moving time, when everyone is trying to limit their job within the requirements, still you are managing enough time to express your feelings using a conventional tool of writing. Hat’s off to you!!!

Writing with a fountain pen undoubtedly creates beautiful alphabets on the paper, no matter in which language those are, but along with that, on some occasions, it may be the cause of overflowing that can make the writing a total mess. If you want to save your writing from being damaged all you need to own a blotting paper.

What is Fountain Pen Blotting Paper

A blotting paper is a kind of paper that is generally found in sheets with a high absorbing ability only to soak the excess ink from the paper in no time. It is not a new invention but has been used for many years. Even it is claimed that it was regularly used in the 15th century. Apart from the sheet, blotting paper is also found in rolls in the base of a bottle of Lamy ink.

The Purpose of Using Fountain Pen Blotting Paper

A fountain pen is an excellent tool to express your handwriting as an art. But that should be in good condition. If your pen has an issue in its nib section, then it is obvious that it will start overflowing with ink and ink may spread on the paper. Moreover, there is some kind of ink that takes a little more time to dry. In both cases, a blotting paper is always there for your rescue. It absorbs the excess ink and allows it to dry in a short time.

How to Use Fountain Pen Blotting Paper

After having an idea about the utility of a blotting paper, now it is time to know how to use a blotting paper if you face a problem overflowing or wet ink on the paper. Generally, there are two ways of using blotting paper. Let’s see them-

The Conventional Way

Firstly, you have to press a plain sheet of blotting paper on the other paper on which you already have written something with a fountain pen and the ink is wet enough and should be allowed to dry. When the blotting paper comes in touch with the second one, it soaks up the ink in no time. It doesn’t need to be rubbed or rinsed to make the ink dry. It means you don’t have to waste your time to make the thing possible.

The Advanced Way

It is quite fine using a blotting paper sheet to absorb ink, but there are some other ways to use it. Among the many, using a rocker blotter is the most popular one. A rocker blotter is a kind of wooden or metallic tool with a curved design where a blotting paper is attached at the semi-round part of it. To absorb the wet ink from the paper instead of laying the blotting sheet directly on the paper, you just have to rock the blotting paper on the writing only to get a quick result.

The Differences Between These Two

Although both ways work quite well to soak the wet ink, it is the rocket blotter that comes out the winner. It allows evenly pressed everywhere on the writing, while, a blotting sheet works only where you press with your fingers. Besides, as a rocket blotter has a handle, it works rather quickly than the other.

Some Tips To Be Followed

Using a blotting paper to dry up the excess ink from the paper looks a simple thing, but here also you have to take care of a few things so that you can get the desired result. Here they are-

Choose The Right Blotting Paper

To do the absorbing properly and conveniently, you have to choose the blotting paper wisely. There is a kind of blotting paper that looks harder like a business card and there is a conventional one. But in my opinion, the old one soaks better than the harder one and gives you the best performance to earn your satisfaction.

Avoid Using Used Blotting Paper

In most cases applying a used blotting paper may cause being transferred of a different color to your ink and that can ruin your writing. So, used blotting paper should be avoided.

Maintaining The Sheen

Most of the ink tends to the sheen. If you love to maintain the sheen of the ink, you should allow it to absorb slowly on the paper on its own. Using a blotting paper may soak the ink quickly but it takes off the sheen of the ink.


To make a good thing possible, you need to know every aspect of it properly. Using a fountain pen to get classy writing is not everything. You also have to know when and how to use a blotting paper to give the final touch on words that you’ve written on the paper to put your heart out for someone special.