How to Write with A Fountain Pen

This is for those who are passionate about writing. Apart from dull business deals, boring study elements, tough working commitments, or serious medical prescriptions, if you love to express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions on a paper quite regularly, then you must have a special preference for a pen. A ball pen can be used for any common purpose, or when you need to write something urgently, but if you want some stylish type of writing, or writing with a sense of art then you have no choice but to go with a fountain pen. It is not that a ballpoint pen doesn’t give a better quality of writing, but a fountain pen has a past glory that always draws you towards itself on every special occasion and you cannot ignore that.

Having a fountain pen is not everything. There are many instances when people cannot handle a fountain pen properly and as a result, they fail to get the desired style of writing. Therefore, if you own a fountain pen, especially if you’re a new user, then you must have to know how to write with a fountain pen. Let’s go.

The Different Parts of A Pen

Before I going to start discussing the way of writing with a fountain pen, you must know about the different parts of a fountain pen. Here they are-


This is the metal point placed at one end of the pen. It touches the paper to write down something on it.


A feed is the part on which the nib is rested, works to store ink once it releases from the reservoir.

Ink Reservoir

A reservoir or barrel is the part of the fountain pen which holds the ink. 

Converter/ Cartridge

In some of the fountain pens, you may find a converter that works to draw ink from an ink bottle and fill the barrel. Moreover, in some cases, a pre-filled cartridge is installed with a pen which can be replaced with a new one once its ink is finished.


In every fountain pen, there would be a cap that helps to protect the nib from the dust, and also ensures that the ink doesn’t dry out.

How to Write with A Fountain Pen

After having an idea about the different parts of a fountain pen, now you have to keep some aspects in mind while writing to make the thing easy and comfortable.

Post The Cap 

When you’re going to start writing put the cap on the end of the pen, mean right opposite the nib. You can set it aside but post on the pen end provides you more balance while writing.

Hold The Pen at Correct Angle

While writing, you wish that the ink must flow from the nib easily so that the pen runs smoothly on the paper. It depends on a few things, among them the pen should be kept at a 40°-55° angle on the paper. At this position, the ink tends to flow more easily to allow you to feel comfortable while writing.

Use Little Pressure

While using a ballpoint pen you have put much pressure on the pen as well as the writing surface. But don’t need to put such pressure while using a fountain pen. In fact, the more you press more you prevent the ink to come out normally from the nib, and also this may cause damage to the nib as well.

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Use Your Arm

Most of you use your fingers while writing. This is fine for a ballpoint pen as you need to apply more pressure to the ballpoint pen. But as for the fountain pen, this may cause an ink flow problem. Here you need less pressure and for that reason, you have to involve your arm and shoulder and this helps you to reduce the pressure on the pen and keep your writing smooth.

How to write with a fountain pen is not everything that you need to keep in mind only. Besides that, some factors have to think about to keep your pen always fit for smooth service. Let’s see what they are-

  • Don’t forget to keep the cap on the pen when your writing is over. Keeping off the cap for too long may be dried up the ink at the nib and feed. This can block the ink flow.
  • Always try to flush your pen at least once a month. In this way, you can keep your pen in a working state always as it prevents any build-up in the nib or the feed.
  • If you let someone borrow your pen, it may not suit his writing style and a different type of pressure may cause damage to the nib. Therefore, avoid it as long as you can.

Final Words

So, I hope you realize that if you hold your fountain pen rightly in your hand while writing it would be a joyful experience and this allows you to write as long as possible only to make you a better writer by all means.